Meet Domaine


Let us introduce you to the spicy Texas flavor of the home of Domaine Capital Properties.

Founded by Texas native John Dalton, Domaine Capital Properties enjoys a hand-picked portfolio of properties that enables us to foster our unique vision… a forward-looking concept that explores the unique amenities that people seek in a place as unique as Texas.

In the current market condition, this great state offers fantastic opportunities for builders, investors and developers. 

The Concept of Domaine

We believe that all people search for a place of peace and quiet, where they can raise children in a wholesome atmosphere surrounded by nature's beauty. The development we envision for the people of Texas are in areas with great schools, wide-open spaces, and unique amenities... and outside the shadows of the big city. Couple these concepts with an easy commute to the city for work or recreation, and you will have it... the concept of Domaine!

The Founder of Domaine

Meet the man with the vision behind the Domaine concept of the good life...  John Dalton