"I love Texas. There's a spirit here that can only be felt when you see that great big sky and know you have a place under it that's all your own."    John Dalton


Our Mission

Our Mission: Discovering unique development opportunities in areas poised for growth. The investment properties and communities envisioned by DOMAINE are family-friendly and inspiring, filled with fresh country air and big trees, with lots of room to roam and grow.

Commercial development is envisioned to enable and enhance the experience of country living.

Who is Domaine?

Domaine Capital Properties is a Real Estate Development and Investment Firm located in the heart of Houston, Texas. Founded by Texas native John Dalton, Domaine Capital Properties enjoys a hand-picked portfolio of properties that enable us to develop our unique vision… a forward-looking concept that explores the unique amenities that people seek in a place as unique as Texas.

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Our Vision

It’s a big vision...
a vision as big as Texas!

The feeling we are looking for can be expressed best when you recognize the joy you feel in “seeing the city in your rear view mirror”... when you leave the city behind and experience the freedom of the country life...
with big city amenities